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The message that I desire to share with my readers, is that life has many choices, we as individuals, with an inner voice that we can choose to listen to, this voice is love. Each positive choice we make leads us to our hearts desire. This is about being aware of the choices we make. Life may give you a rough beginning but by making good choices we can create any life we choose, we must never give up, always focusing on the better choice. - Marianna

About the Book


CHOICES TO LOVE is based on the authors experience in life where through CHOICES OF LOVE, she was able to overcome a life of poverty, racism, sexual and physical abuse. The wounds of these experiences could have scared her to a life of painful existence instead, by listening to the voice of love and following that path, by her CHOICES TO LOVE she has lived a life of Magic in love.

Moving from the ghetto in the inner city Watts of Los Angeles County, to a world traveler and world teacher sharing the message of love, that she lives by the choices she made in life, not only effecting her but those who she has taught and shared the message of Love.

CHOICES TO LOVE is a book where the writer speaks to you direct of her life experiences and sharing the positive experience that comes from the choices she made. Not theory, not philosophy, practical and true from Life Experience.


To be in the Now Perfect Moment of Love...

"Let every moment be one of awareness seeing and moving through the most positive choice, for that is the seed you plant... each moment walked in Love creates a life of Love for self and all around" Love is the only thing that will heal any issue, Love is what we were created for and from. Love is our common core. Love for self and all of creation moves us into making positive choices for self and all those around us... from Love there will be no wars... from Love and being aware of how Love works in your life you feel the love of others and Love comes back to you, on all levels. So this Now moment of Love brings me to these words. So it is


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