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Evening Seminars for Celebrating More Love in your Life

I. The Mystery and Gift
What Love truly is. To recognize it, to open Self to it, NOW. Who or what is Self?
As much as we think we know what Love is our thoughts of love are finite compared to the true experience of Love. I will share my experiences in this search and discovery of the levels of love. Because there are so many levels of Love it is truly a Mystery waiting to be discovered, each of us has our own fountain, our own understanding of Love and Yet that can be expanded to beyond current expression and experience.

II. The Healing
Love brings all into harmony and joy, fulfilling all desires
This evening will be spent discussing the healing power of Love and will get examples of how healing has been done with the power of love, healing not only body physical, but relationships, with self, family, world. Love is a money magnet this will be explained for the energy of Love opens all desires, effortlessly.

III. The Help/Guidance
How to receive inner guidance , how to have partnership with God
Never to feel alone again, never to not have the answers you need, learning how help is available at all times, from many sources, from anywhere, how to receive them, how to be aware of guidance when it comes.

IV. The Changing/Transformation
How to embrace fear, forgive, know and detach blocks and Love Self more fully
Learn the why releasing, forgiving, embracing, letting go and letting God opens you to more love, in so doing your life becomes one of un imagined Moments of Love, a transformation from within that becomes the outer expression of Love on all levels of your life.

V. Joyful Expression of Love
The Lighter you are the more effortless your experience of love. Ways of lightness, dance, song, playing, laughter… joyfully expressing Love… creates magic and effortless existence.
Here is where we rejoice, exercises in rejoicing, in being in Joy, expressing Love with Joy, through Dance, through Song…experience and feel how this Joy is a missing element in the expression of Love in many practices… Be as a Child, for there is where the Magic Lies



Choose Love
Choose Joy
Choose to Uplift when down
Choose Positive experience
Choose Choose Choose

Life is about choices... lately I have felt this more so with many stressful experiences this year I have had to remind myself who I am and what I believe... so in doing this I did not allow myself to dwell on what was the challenge... I looked at the challenge, took responsiblity sought my way out, yet I did not dwell on the down ward energy in which wanted to plant itself in me I really started to understand how people can become so low they cannot pull themself out, but what I know and teach in my life and in workshops is not to be in this place if you plant the seeds of negative feelings and dwell on these experiences they become a shadow to your life... and it will become your experience... it will be your garden... so in my belief in planting a garden of love and joy... I do my best to change the states. There are many ways... one is to surround yourself with positive experiences, go visit people who are of a positive position, talk with people who are not in negative state, do not seek those who are low or lower than yourself it adds to this negative or challenging state of expression.. heavy begets heavy Turn on good music, let it play in the back ground soon you will hear something that uplifts you Go for a walk in a place of beauty with the intension to experience Go to a spiritual place either temple or church or musium ... go where the heart can be uplifted ... this is fuel to the soul and very healing helps you move to a lighter place of course this is my method and I am only sharing But the purpose of this sharing is to assist one heart at a time to be a positive expression of love each heart touching another and so it grows I myself turn on music and I become the musical and my heart is uplifted to the point where I can think clearly and I walk the talk of love Choose Love Dwell not on that which pulls you down
Much Love to you Marianna






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