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Choices to Love...a true life Cinderella story

Despite being exposed to poverty, racism, sexual and physical abuse as a child, Marianna Quint made choices that led her on a path to a loving and fulfilling life. Now she is sharing her experiences to inspire others to create their own destiny.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 4, 2010

Marianna Quint experienced racism growing up as a child with mixed heritage in the ghetto in the US inner city of Watts in Los Angeles County. Quint's childhood reflects a sad upbringing. She was taken away from her mother and given to her father, whom subsequently left her and her siblings with their foster mother.

And like a really sad Cinderella story, Quint and siblings were forced as child labor whilst under their foster mother's care. Quint was often beaten by this woman and was sexually abused under her roof. She also constantly lived in fear because of the dangerous neighborhood they lived in.

Despite this upbringing, and unlike a victim waiting to be rescued, Quint personally and consciously made a choice to choose her own ‘happy ending'. She chose her own path to Love and Happiness.

And this is her message to everyone: That people who start off life in a negative situation can turn this around through choices they make. They do not have to be a confined to their past. They can have a new and beautiful future ahead of them.

“Surrounded by anger, poverty or loneliness, I sought out things to bring me joy: music, flowers, the sun and the clouds – creating a vision of the world and of my life that always included something for which to be grateful,” Quint said.

Quint is here to share her experiences to help others realize that life is full of choices and to encourage people to listen to their inner voice.

“Each positive choice we make leads us to our heart's desire,” Quint said.

“Life may give you a rough beginning but by making good choices we can create any life we choose – we must never give up, always focusing on the better choice,” Quint said.

Quint's book 'Choices to Love' is available for order at any Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, and at major bookstore, nationwide.

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About the author
Marianna Quint is a mother of three children – Pamela, Angelo and Yanis. Her husband Detlev supported her quest to share her experiences to inspire others to live the best lives they can. Choices to Love is her first book.







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